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We specialize in custom experiential technology that connects brands to audiences. Our technology is social, targeted and measurable to create buzz-worthy experiences that help brands make lasting impressions while cultivating valuable consumer insights.

How We Do It

M-ND is capturing what, until now, has been missed or ineffectively measured consumer brand interactions in any physical, branded space.

A Unique Mind

Marketers are able to design the user interface, manage international campaigns and upload digital assets from a centralized location using the M–ND POWER dashboard. The dashboard offers real time data capture, like social impressions and engagement, user profiles, survey responses and more that can be integrated into customer relationship management systems.

An Innovative Mind

The experiences we deliver and the data we collect are made possible by our M–ND POWER software dashboard. Our flexible goal-oriented interface allows brands to capture consumer insight and turn it into measurable and actionable data.

An Extensible Mind

M-ND’s technology is powering experiential marketing campaigns across the globe at retail locations, stadiums & arenas, tourist destinations, sponsored events and more.


Today there is a disconnect in the ways brands reach their target audiences. We provide solutions by using technology that is social, targeted and measurable to create tangible sensory experiences & lasting impressions.

For the Enquiring M–ND

Collegiate Network

M-ND is working with campus tour agencies, college admissions and athletics departments to bridge the online and offline college experience. M-ND displays allow students to be the visual storytellers of their time on campus and share their special moments with peers. M-ND provides an all-in-one solution to celebrate school pride digitally, gather insights about the campus community, drive sales in university retail locations, increase sponsorship revenue and communicate university-wide campaigns with ease.

For the Competitive M–ND

Stadium & Arena Network

M-ND is building partnerships with stadiums and arenas nationwide to engage with concert and game day fans in memorable ways. M-ND displays encourage fans to amplify the stadium’s event messaging and leave the venue with one-of-a-kind branded keepsakes. Modernize the venue experience with M-ND by creating multiple touch points to offer discounts and giveaways to increase concessions and ticket sales, collect streamlined analytics to easily gain actionable data about guests’ social engagement and preferences, and build lasting relationships and personalized experiences.

For the Boundless M–ND

Travel and Tourism Network

Our partnership with the world’s leading travel and tourism brands makes vacation all the sweeter. These interactive displays act as a digital concierge, enhancing guests’ experience with social content and tourist services, as well as providing our partners with increased promotional opportunities and social visibility.

Audience Engagement

Social Amplification

User Data Collection

Actionable Data Usage

Mind Matter

Interactive Touch Displays

Our software and collection of interactive touch screens activate, capture, and measure real-world consumer engagement and influence. Individual displays transform crowds—whether of browsing shoppers, game-day fans, or event guests—into social influence, while capturing valuable data and motivating specific behaviors.

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"The M–ND platform enabled us to continue the communication with our customer & to gain insight into their needs. M–ND has become an indispensable tool for our brand."
-Michelle Levy

CEO, Melissa Shoes

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